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PBS Series Linear Slide

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A. Carriage: Four recirculating linear ball bearings. Easy access mounting and dowel location holes. B. Air Cylinder: Internally housed in carriage. Low friction U-cup lip seals for long service life.
C. Tool Bars: Standard dowel locating holes and accurately milled locating slots. Machined to accept industry standard shock absorbers, and position proximity switch sensors.
D. Stroke Adjusting Screw: Easy access stroke adjusting screws for exact carriage stroke. Adjustable in both directions. Maximum Stroke 6≤.
E. Guide Shafts: Hardened Steel to RC 60-65 F. Bearings: (Two Choices) Four linear ball bearings...greatest load capacity, factory lubricated, built-in wipers, self-aligning. Four Frelon® Compounded Teflon®...self-lubricating, self-aligning, long service life, ideal for cleanroom.


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