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PS Series Linear Slide

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A. Body: Anodized aluminum for reduced weight Multiple mounting surfaces with dowel location holes standard Compact size for added space savings
B. Air Cylinder: Standard stainless steel body and rod for corrosion resistance Permanently lubricated for non-lube service
C. Alignment Coupler: Isolates piston rod from side loading, increasing service life
D. Optional Shock Absorbers: Recommended for high cycle applications to absorb shock loading Provides end of stroke adjustment
E. Optional Proximity Switch Sensing: For applications requiring end of stroke verification Available for extend and retract positions
F. Rear Tooling Plate: Dampens guide rod vibration for smooth operation Houses shock absorber for extend position
G. Bearings: Four recirculating linear ball bearing for maximum load capacity Sealed from contamination Self-aligning for maximum guide rod support
H. Guide Rods: Hardened steel to Rc60-65, precision ground and polished


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