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Ultra Series Slide Table

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A. Square rail: Square rail provides high load carrying capabilities.
B. Cylinder: Cylinder is standard Numatics M-Series or ISO VDMA 6432
C. Alignment Coupler: Alignment Coupler isolates piston rod from side loading
D. Optional Base mount: Optional Base mount with thru holes and tapped holes for side mounting E. Fittings: Fittings installed with a variety of tube options.
F. Electroless Nickel plated hard stops: Electroless Nickel plated hard stops can be mounted on either side.
G. Optional stroke adjustment or shock absorbers: Available with optional stroke adjustment or shock absorbers. Can be mounted on either side.
H. Flexible mounting: Flexible mounting for tooling. NuMate™ tooling plate allows for direct mount of same size Ultra slide. Dowel holes are standard.
I. Sensing track: Sensing track located on both sides of the Ultra Series will accept standard “T-Slot” Hall effect sensors.

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