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Пневмоцилиндры по стандарту ISO

GeoMetric® ISO/VDMA Cylinder
GeoMetric® ISO/VDMA Cylinder
The GeoMetric® Series conforms to the following cylinder specifications: VDMA 24562, DIN/ISO 6431, and ISO/FDIS 15552. One of the most desirable features of the cylinder line is the dual switch/sensor groove design that is a standard offering on all GeoMetric®cylinders. The dual groove design offers great flexibility when mounting switches and sensors to the cylinders. One groove is a traditional round groove and the other is what we call the CombiGroove®. The CombiGroove® is a unique design that will accept round and angular switches/sensors.

Additionally, the CombiGroove® is designed to accept most all of the popular switch and sensor manufacturer’s products. This type of flexibility makes the GeoMetric an easy switch from the traditional ISO/VDMA cylinder lines.

Conforms to: VDMA 24562, DIN/ISO 6431, and ISO/FDIS 15552
Bore sizes range from 32 – 100 mm
Brass female hexagon adjustment screw for end-of-stroke cushioning
Precise cushion adjustment
Modern sleek design
Offered with a full-line of Guide Units
Unique dual switch groove (CombiGroove®) designed to accept most “T” slot type switches as well as “half-moon” switches

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ISO/VDMA Series Metric Standard Interchangeable Cylinder
ISO/VDMA Series Metric Standard Interchangeable Cylinder
The ISO/VDMA Series is an aluminum body air cylinder line that is designed to meet all your international cylinder requirements. In fact, our ISO/VDMA Series cylinders are designed to meet the requirements of ISO 6431 (International) and VDMA 24562 (Germany). The combination of lightweight aluminum construction and proven reliability makes our ISO/VDMA Series the Superior Interchangeable metric, international standard air cylinder line.

Standard Specifications:
Bore sizes from 32 mm through 250 mm
Nominal pressure rating is 10 bar (150 psi)
Magnetic piston standard
Double acting
Single and double rod end
Adjustable cushions
Seals made from Buna-N and Polyurethane
Non-lube added service

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ISO 6432 Metric Mini Cylinder
ISO 6432 Metric Mini Cylinder
The ISO 6432 Series is a metric, ISO standard, mini cylinder line. The ISO 6432 Series includes a multitude of standard features and benefits.

Standard Specifications:
Mini cylinders with piston diamter from 8 mm to 25 mm correspond to standard ISO 6432 CETOP RP 52 P
Bore sizes from 8 mm to 63 mm
Nominal pressure rating is 150 psi air (10 bar)
Standard temperature -10°F to 165° F(-23° C to 74° C)
Adjustable cushions

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