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Condensate drain valve assemblies
Condensate drain valve assemblies
Condensate drain valve assemblies are designed to effectively drain excess condensate in the compressed air system.


Compressed air is used extensively in manufacturing and other processes to power various pneumatic equipment. When air is compressed, the temperature can typically rise to over 200°C. As the air in the system begins to cool, condensate is formed. This condensate, if not drained properly, will damage equipment and decrease the overall efficiency of your compressed air system.

Condensate drain valve assemblies are generally located under receiver tanks pre-filters, water separators, air dryers or drip legs.

Pressure operated valves
Pipe size 3/8’’ to 3/4’’
316L stainless steel body for a better compatibility with the fluids and a long lifetime.
Thanks to it’s design, no maintenance of condensate filter or strainer.
Economical alternative to electric motorized ball drain valves.

2/2 NC solenoid valves
Pipe size : 1/2" inlet, 1/4" outlet
Brass body with compact design for small overall dimensions, a simplified use and improved performances.
Low stroke design extends the lifetime of the components.

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