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Electrical Motion Products

SRS Series Rail Ball Screw Gantry
SRS Series Rail Ball Screw Gantry
The SRS Series ball screw gantry provides precise positioning and high load carrying capacity. They are suitable for mounting in any position; horizontal, vertical, on an incline, or inverted.

Thrust loads up to 7600 lbs.
Low torque required to drive the load due to high efficiency ball screw.
Linear bearings provide low stick slip for precise positioning and ease of moving the load.
Precision linear rail system supports the load through the entire stroke length.
Rugged aluminum extrusion supports the linear rail system through the entire stroke length.
Motor mounting for all NEMA 34 and 42 frame motors.
NEMA standard gearheads mount directly to the unit.
Stroke lengths to 11 feet.
NU-MATE mounting pattern is standard.
Minimal deflection due to the square rail support system.
Bellows available for severe duty applications.
Recirculating twin ball tracks in the screw and on the rails provide greater accuracy.
Load locking spring prevents load from free falling in the event the ball bearings are lost from the nut.
Brush wipers prevent contaminants from entering the nut.

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SDU Series Screw Drive Unit
SDU Series Screw Drive Unit
The SDU Series ball screw drive provides precise positioning and high load carrying capability. High stiffness and repeatability characterize the ball screw drive. Stroke lengths to 19.7 feet are standard.

Carriage: Load can mounted directly to the carriage, eliminates the need for support bearings and reduces overall length of the unit.
Bearings: Linear bearings provide low stick, slip for pecise postioning and ease of moving the load.
Motor Mount: Mounting for all NEMA standard 23, 34, and 42 frame motors.
Thrust: Loads up to 1100 lbs.

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BSG Series Ball Screw Gantry
BSG Series Ball Screw Gantry
The BSG Series carriage assembly is guided by two guide rods and supported by an independent bearing system. The guide rod and bearing system support the load while the ball screw drives the load. Each function is independent of the other. The BSG-Series incorporates Numatics Motion Control’s patented NuMate™ mounting system. NuMate™ easily combines pneumatic driven products with electrical drive products to create electro/pneumatic systems.

Carriage: Hardcoat anodized aluminum, lightweight, high durability NuMate™ direct mounting pattern, reduced cost for multi axis applications.
Ball Screw: Precision Rolled Thread accurate smooth motion, repeatable to +/-.005 long lasting, predictable performance, boot covers available.
Ball Nut: Easy access, total adjustability, factory or field installed.
Guide Rods: (Two Choices) Hardened Steel hardness Rc 60-65, long life Hardened Stainless Steel hardness Rc 50-55, corrosion resistant precision ground & polished 15u RMS smooth cycling, low breakaway.
Bearings: (Two Choices) Four Linear Ball Bearings greatest load capacity, self-lubricating, built-in seals and wipers, self-aligning max. speed 60"/sec... Four Frelon® Compounded Teflon®, self-lubricating, self-aligning, long service life, ideal for cleanroom max. speed 28"/

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BDU Series Belt Drive Unit
BDU Series Belt Drive Unit
The BDU Series is a belt driven guided linear motion system utilizing a tooth-profiled belt to control position of its moving carriage. This belt driven design provides modest load carrying capacity, high speed and very long stroke capabilities. The BDU-Series requires a motor of some type to drive the unit. Motors include stepper, servo, AC/DC synchronous and air drives.

Body: Made from extruded aluminum, rigid, light weight, rigid design, internal stiffening ribs support carriage. Side Slots for position switch mounting and foot mounting brackets.
Carriage: Guided and Supported, body extrusion geometry, supports carriage motion. Robalon™ Bearings synthetic bearing material for high speed applications, NuMate™ Direct Mounting Pattern, other Numatics Motion Control products mount directly to carriage without adapters or transition plates.
Drive Belt: Steel Reinforced Polyurethane light weight, high strength, low stretch trapezoid profile eliminates slip, greater accuracy.
End Cap: Belt Tensioning System, easy access, easy adjustment.
Output Shaft: Dual Output Shaft accessible from both sides of body, motor mounting from both sides.

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FLM Series Stepper Motors
FLM Series Stepper Motors
The FLM Series stepper motors are available in both NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes. Winding confirmations increase motor compatibility with most step motor drives. The FLM Series are also compatible for most full, half and micro-stepping applications.

7 sizes with holding torque ratings from 68 to 1155oz-in (48 to 816 Ncm).
NEMA 23 and 34 frame sizes available.
± 2% typical step accuracy.
Operate in full-step (1.8°) or half-step (0.9°) increments.
Can be microstepped to achieve increments as small as .0072°.
Can operate at rates to 20,000 steps per second (6000 rpm).
UL and Canadian Recognized.
CE certification.
Can withstand over 2 times rated current without demagnetization.
Motors available with optional encoder for closed loop applications.
Wide range or windings available with 4 or 6 connections for use with bipolar or unipolar drives.
Rugged construction to provide long life.
Optional cast terminal box available.

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Servo Motors & Drives
Servo Motors & Drives
The Epsilon Series is the most compact digital servo drive in the Numatics lineup. Designed to fit in cabinets as small as six inches (152mm) deep, with cables attached, Epsilon drives possess rugged quality and reliability. There are three sizes of each Epsilon drive: 2 Amp, 3 Amp and 5 Amp, with the largest drive delivering up to 37 lb-in continuous torque. Each drive contains a 14-segment status display, reset button, removable connectors and utilizes standard “D” type connectors.

Epsilon 120-240V NT Motor Selection The NT motor is a high performance motor utilizing patented technology to maximize torque in a compact package. The NT motor uses powerful Neodymium magnets and manufactured with a segmented core to maximize stator efficiency. The NT motor has a very low inertia for applications that demand high accel and cycle rates. NT motors are available in English (NEMA 23 or 34) flanges, with or without brakes. The standard encoder resolution is 2048 lines per rev. NT motors are supplied with MS style connectors.

90 to 264 VAC 1Ø input power.
Up to 37 lb-in continuous torque
1000 LPR differential encoder standard.
Drive options: Base, Indexing, and Indexing with DeviceNet.
Compact, space saving design, six-inch (152mm) panel depth including cables.
Pluggable connectors, Standard D-Shell andScrew Terminals.
State-Space Observer Control, which allows 10-1 inertia mismatch out of the box, and 50-1 with tuning.
Free ServoPro software, and upgrades.
Programmable, optically-isolated I/O.
RS-232/485 serial communication interface using Modbus protocol.
14-segment status and diagnostic display, time-stamping of last 10 faults for easy troubleshooting.
Field programmable flash memory firmware (upgrades are free).
Auto-Tune support for any servo motor with encoder feedback.
24VDC auxiliary input for logic backup.

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