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Специальные пневмоцилиндры

KG Series Cylinder
KG Series Cylinder
The KG Series is a line that is designed and built to excel in the most challenging applications. Furthermore, the product line encompasses many value-added features and benefits that you expect from a Numatics cylinder.

Additionally, aluminum tubes are standard on 1-1/2" – 8" bore cylinders (with the exception of 7" bore). The aluminum tube is hard coat anodized. The hard coating is an electro-chemical process, which produces a very dense surface of aluminum oxide. Composite tube is standard on 7" and 10" – 24" bore cylinders. Our composite tubing is a robust material that weighs less than traditional metallic materials. Composite tubing is also an option on 1-1/2" – 6" and 8" bores.

Standard Specifications:
Bore sizes from 1-1/2" to 24"
Piston rod diameters from 5/8" to 3-1/2"
Nominal pressure rating is 150 psi air
Standard temperature -10°F to 165°F (-23°C to 74°C)
Optional low temperature seal -40ºF to +165ºF (-40ºC to +74ºC)
Optional Viton Seals 0ºF to +400ºF -17ºC to +204ºC
NPTF ports

This surface has extreme hardness (60 RC.), excellent wear and corrosion resistance, and low coefficient of friction.
End caps are accurately machined from precision square steel blocks.
End caps are either painted with standard black paint or painted with black epoxy paint. Note that standard black paint is the standard and the black epoxy paint is an option.
A recess on the piston-mating surface (at both ends) enables the air to work on a larger piston area for effortless breakaway (even at both ends).

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Tiny Titan Series Small Bore, Square Cylinder
Tiny Titan Series Small Bore, Square Cylinder
The Tiny Titan Series is a small bore, square end cap cylinder line that is designed to excel in applications where space limitations are of the utmost importance. Furthermore, a multitude of mounting styles and piston options make the Tiny Titan an extremely accommodating cylinder line.

Standard Specifications:
Bore sizes include 3/4", 1", 1-1/8"
Nominal pressure rating is 150 psi air
Standard temperature -10°F to 165° F(-23° C to 74° C)
All aluminum construction
1/8" ports
Flexible port locations
O Type piston - U-Cup
P Type piston - heavy-duty (standard)
Q Type piston - low profile

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Rod Locking Series
Rod Locking Series
Rod Lock Units are often used to hold a cylinder load stationary during Emergency Stop (E- Stop) conditions. They are also designed to mechanically lock a cylinder piston rod in the event of an air supply failure. Use caution when applying a Rod Lock unit. The Rod Lock should not be used to "brake" the cylinder piston rod in dynamic conditions. Aditionally, the lock must only be applied when movement has ceased.

We offer two different Rod Locking Units. The NU Lock Series and the RL Series. Both units can be used with our NFPA Interchange cylinder line (A Series) as well as with our ISO 6431 and VDMA 24562 cylinder line.

Nu Lock Series Features:
Economical OEM type rod lock
Compact Profile
NFPA sizes: 1-1/2" - 5" bores
VDMA sizes: 32 mm to 125 mm bore
Clamping force on all Nu Lock Series unit is equal to the area of the cylinder piston at 145 psi (10 Bar)
Minimum unlocking air pressure is 45 psi (3 Bar)
All standard NFPA and ISO/VDMA mounting accessories can be used with the Nu Lock Series installed on the cylinder
Temperature rating: -10° F to 165° F

RL Series Features:
Unique tilting plate, spring-to-lock mechanism.
NFPA sizes - 1 1/2" to 5" bore
VDMA sizes - 32mm to 125mm bore
Magnet on unlocking piston is standard. Use Numatics new low profile reed or electronic switches to sense when the unit is locked or unlocked.
Powerful locking forces
Clamping force on all units is equal to the area of the cylinder piston at 100 PSIG
Manual override
Unlocking air pressure 60 psi (4 BAR) minimum
All standard NFPA or ISO/VDMA mounting accessorie

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E Series Cylinder
E Series Cylinder
The E Series is a cost-efficient cylinder that is ideal for a variety of OEM applications, providing long-lasting and reliable service.

The file hard (60RC) high strength aluminum alloy tube provides a smooth corrosion free sealing surface and excellent abrasion resistance.
Head and cap are machined from (6061-T6) solid aluminum bar and anodized for corrosion resistance. A recess at the piston mating surface allows the air to work on a larger effective piston area for faster breakaway.
The cast iron rod bushing provides maximum load bearing support. This graphite filled material offers the best bearing surface with hard chrome plated piston rod.
Rod seal and wiper are made from a highly durable material for long-lasting service.
High strength steel piston rod has a ground, polished and hard chrome plated surface providing maximum life of bushing and seals.
The bushing retainer allows cartridge removal without disassembly.
Tie rods are 100,00 psi minimum yield steel for maximum holding power. Tie rod threads are rolled for strength and engagement.
The piston seals are a BUNA N compound that provides smoother breakaway.
The extra wide wear band is provided to support maximum loading.
The solid aluminum alloy piston is strong and lightweight.
The tube seals are compression type and reusable.
The floating cushion seal design gives the fastest stroke reversal possible by providing instantaneous full flow to piston. Each cushion has a flush, retained adjustment needle.

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Reciprocator Series
Reciprocator Series
The Reciprocator is a "self" reciprocating, air-operated cylinder that provides power for any equipment that requires a substained, cyclic motion. It requires no electricity, has no switches to burn out, and needs no extra plumbing. Just connect it to an air supply and the piston goes back and forth. Its simple design is economical, easy to install, and extremely reliable. Since the Reciprocator does not require electricity, there is no chance of spark generation, making it ideal for hazardous environment use. In addition, it is designed to be field repairable with replacement parts readily available, so maintenance costs can be substantially reduced.

Single and double rod versions available
L1 or L2 valve version
Glide ring piston seal for smooth operation
1 1/2" through 5" bore sizes
Most NFPA mounts ( except P1, P3, T1, and T2 ) available
Profile tubing available in 1 1/2" through 2 1/2" bore sizes
Extensive range of cylinder sizes, attatchment options, and connecting rod ends to permit adaptation of the Reciprocator to a wide variety of equipment
Perfect for shaker applications, i.e., moving / seperating parts
The Reciprocator always travels full stroke without the use of air timers or pressure switches
Provides an easy and cost effective way to remove material from under dies
Pressure rating : 250 psig air.

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