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Миниатюрные распределители NUMATICS

Серия 'S' Миниатюрные клапаны Numatics из нержавеющей стали
Серия 'S' Миниатюрные клапаны Numatics из нержавеющей стали
Уникальность конструкции этих клапанов делают их идеальным решением для применения в аналитическом оборудовании, хроматографии, биомедицинской технике, медицинской диагностике, полупроводниковом оборудовании, газовом анализе, оборудовании для отбора проб и много других индустриальных применениях.

Расход по Cv: .025 до .1
Ду: .030" да .080"
Мощность катушки: 0.65 до 1.5ватт
Температурный диапазон: -23 C до 66 C
Время срабатывания

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Серия TM Десяти миллиметровые миниатюрные клапаны
Серия TM Десяти миллиметровые миниатюрные клапаны
Our Ten Millimeter (TM) valves feature a maximum leakage rate of 0.016 SCCM (bubble tight) and are epoxy impregnated Nylon encapsulated class "F" continuous duty (ED 100%).

Standard Specifications:
Standard: .01
Quick Exhaust: .0137
Operating Pressure: Vacuum to 100 PSIG (6.9 bar)
Operating Temperature: 23°F to +120°F / -5°C to +50°C
Fluid Temperature: 32°F to +120°F / 0°C to +50°C
Voltage: 12 and 24 VDC
Power: 1.2 watt / 1.35 watt with/LED
Response Time:

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RB Series Miniature Valve
RB Series Miniature Valve
Numatics 'RB' series valve was designed and manufactured to reduce the amount of time associated with engineering layout and assembly. It's uniqueness truly revolves around it's ability to allow for multiple mounting configurations including circuit board and hardwire mounting. It has a lightweight design, vibration and impact resistant construction, and integral barbed fittings molded into each body ported 'RB' valve.

By duplicating the long life characteristics and repeatability of Numatics popular 'S' series valve, the 'RB' valve has been able to surpass previous in-house testing of 500 million cycles. This in combination with its low cost open coil design is why Numatics 'RB' valve is "R"anked "B"est among its competition.

Standard Specifications:
Cv: .025 to .080
Orifice: .030" to .080"
Coil Wattage: 0.5 to 2.0 watts
Maximum leakage rate: 0.016 SCCM (bubble tight)
Temperature range: -10 deg F to 150 deg F (-23 deg C to 66 deg C)
Class 'A' insulated coils
#26 AWG Teflon insulated lead wires
Response time

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'S' Series Standard Circuit Boards
'S' Series Standard Circuit Boards
12 station 'S' series valve circuit board cards. Valves are pre-mounted & wired on the pc board. Convenient assembly includes on-board switches, status led lights, and choice of 12 or 24 vdc. Circuit board wiring terminates to a 25 pin d-sub connector.

Standard Specifications:
High flow - Cv 0.03 - double the flow of similar valves
Wide pressure ranges - 28" Hg. vacuum to 100 PSIG
Low power draw 0.65 watts dc
Fast response time - 5ms
Voltages: 12 and 24 VDC
All stainless steel valve construction
Unmatched repeatability
Multi-fluid compatibility
Cool running
Durable, effective, reliable

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'Custom Built' & 'Value Added' Miniature Valve Assemblies
'Custom Built' & 'Value Added' Miniature Valve Assemblies
Numatics continues to be “Everywhere You Need Us To Be”, when it comes to OEM custom and “Value Added” assemblies. Our commitment towards total product management allows for one on one engineering, innovative design, and cost-effective manufacturable products to be provided to our customers. This unique approach encourages close customer/supplier interaction, dramatically reducing the lead-times associated with the process of taking concepts to production.

Custom engineering of manifold assemblies
Serial interfacing
Custom wire harness assemblies
Rapid prototype turnaround
State of the art testing capabilites
Pioneered in the area of specifically designed plastic valve components
Special valve performance capabilities
Application specific valve designs
Custom labeling
Custom circuit boards

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